If you are burdened by debts that do not have ways to pay, one way to deal with this problem that affects your life it is declare bankruptcy or insolvent. While the law gives you the ability to complete the forms without the help of a lawyer, the best thing to do before you make this difficult decision is to consult with an experienced and qualified professional.

It declare bankruptcy is a legal process by which you can start from scratch, financially speaking. But while bankruptcy may be useful and effective in solving problems such as debts in some cases, is not the ultimate solution to all your problems, not the right step for everyone. It is also important to choose carefully which time bankruptcy, waiting as long as possible because it can only be done every six years. Nor they can embargarte certain goods or you can go to jail for failure to pay civil debts.

On the other hand, bankruptcy does not completely eliminate the rights of your creditors, or obligations such as alimony for children, student loans or debts that have contracted with the state. Are you sure that bankruptcy is the only solution to your debts?

The only way to ensure that the process of bankruptcy is the right solution is to discuss your particular situation with an attorney familiar on this issue. Each case is different, and the laws do not remain unchanged but change from time to time. Only a professional can safely advise what the procedure is suitable for your particular problem. Even if you can not afford the fees of a lawyer in our online directory lawyers you will find many lawyers who can advise you free.